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Sweet Child (AVENGERS X Child! READER) part 2
“So let me get this straight……. The WHOLE time we were in mass panic, destroying the city trying to find you, you two were eating Ben & Jerry’s ice cream while watching my little pony?”
demands a very angry Steve Rogers asks a guilty looking 5 year old (Y/N) and a beat up Loki
You see after Loki took off with you, Fury became ‘Fury-ous’
Fury panicked and started screaming like crazy at the Avengers, then at poor Colson, throwing orders at everyone and everything.
Luckily, Jarvis called Tony informing him that Loki had brought a little girl and both ate all his candy and were digging into his Ben & Jerry’s , Tony being Tony got mad at Jarvis for letting them eat all the candy before telling Fury that he found them.
Everyone raced into the tower, finding that you were unharmed and safe; they all took turns strangling Loki while you sat there eating ice cream watching.
Loki had gotten mad at you for just sitting there when you could have hel
:iconchloemarkhamtw:chloemarkhamtw 132 20
Toonstyle Mayhem by Javadoodle Toonstyle Mayhem :iconjavadoodle:Javadoodle 158 23
Damage Control [Male!Cruella De Vil x Punk!Reader]
Cruella = Cruel
Warning for strong language
Reader's Style =
Walking down the busy streets of London, you didn't mind the glances that were sent your way, mostly from elderly men and women, who silently judged you. Your steps were lazy, setting you in a slow and careless stunt, your black boots with spiky decorations on the heel and ankle dragging along the ground from time to time. Behind your lightly tinted sunglasses, you studied everyone who walked by you, even if you knew they would be able to see your eyes, seeing as the shades weren't dark enough to hide your (e/c) orbs. It wasn't even sunny, seeing as the ball of fire was blocked by the clouds. But you still kept the sunglasses on, feeling a certain confidence wearing them.
Seeing a small boy stop in front of you, you came to a halt as well, not feeling like pushing a child just because he was blocking your way. You weren't a thug after all, even if your style might make everyone th
:iconnixdex:nixdex 360 69
hector x reader
Hector x reader
As Hector ran his thumb over your lips you smiled. Maybe this thunderstorm was a good thing, trapping the two of you alone under this giant oak tree. You nuzzled closer to him as he wrapped his warm strong arms around you.
"Do you remember how we met?" he whispered, his cheek pressed to your forehead.
You smiled, "yes Hector, I remember," you say, and then your mind strays back to your past.
13 years earlier
"Demon," the people of the town called as they chased the young boy, throwing rocks at him. He glanced back then stumbled. He kept his arm close to his chest as he tried to catch his balance.
Still, he hit the cobble stone street, slamming painfully down on his shoulder. He pulled himself into a ball, a hopeless attempt to protect his head and whatever he had clutched close to his chest, from the pelting stones.
Suddenly, they stopped. The boy lifted his head slightly to see a women standing between him and the villagers.
"Enough!" she cried, her voice stern.
:iconramentori1:RamenTori1 15 8
Kronos x reader
        turning in a confused circle you blinked. moments ago you were alone in your bed but now, you stood in a dark ominius space. heat from underground magma flows wafted in the thick sooty air. breathing was difficult and your eyes watered. it was so black that you had no idea how far you could walk before you hit something, although you were afraid to move. your bare feet could feel the rough, sharp rocks of the uneven ground.
        "a human female?" a deep voice grumbled from what seemed to be all around you. you trembled. there was a cold darkness in that voice, like an evil had pulled itself from the ground and you were enveloped in it.
        "h-hello?" you stammered reaching out slowly, scared of what you might find. you felt if you reached to far, something might bite your hand off.
        suddenly hands girpped at your hips as someone pulled close to your back, their face pressing to your ne
:iconramentori1:RamenTori1 41 8
Jacob Frye x Reader we make a good team

You walked the busy streets of London waiting and watching .  Stalk . Move.  Kill .  That's how most of your assassinations go yet today your confidence was low .  Just your luck it had started to rain meaning your target was moving away from where your sources said he would be .  " Bloody Templars and their fancy clothing , can't stand a little rain how sad ." You mutter running along the roof tops .  You were a lone assassin , never one to join a brotherhood .  You prefer to kill who ever you fancy , but revenge is what you wanted .  Most people ask how a girl of you age which was twenty could be so blood thirsty and cold.  But they don't know what you have seen .  First it was your family , then other relatives, lastly your friends were the last ones to leave you .  They deserted you .  Being an orphan at the age of twelve you quickly learned that the world was a dark place .  You swore to
:iconevergreenarcher:evergreenarcher 25 4
Mute!Reader x Older!Dipper Oneshot
You like flowers. You like them a lot. That’s why you work at Gravity Falls’ only greenhouse-boasting nursery (very well the only plant-selling place that wasn’t a) advertising their carnivorous tendencies or b) run by a clueless, Portland-runoff college alumni). Working outside means you get to do two of your favorite things: watching people as they pass by and being around plants.
Which is how you ended up realizing that one of the two people who worked at the tourist-swarming Mystery Shack, whom you could finally add to your list of “townspeople noticed while working”, was actually...well, the fact that he was related to grumpy old Stan was a surprise to you.
The curly-haired, tattoo-clad guy happened to be a particularly fine specimen of “out of your league”, but it didn’t matter WHO you surreptitiously looked for when you picked your way back to your apartment across the withered mossy sidewalks of Gravity Falls, Oregon. Although he
:iconturtlenecksandtea:turtlenecksandtea 402 55
Joel x Fem!reader part 1
You watched the cashier check out all of your canned food, thousands of water bottles, hundreds of first aid kits, ammunition, bows and arrows, and much more.  
"Wow ma'am, this is a lot of stuff your buying."
You shrugged and pulled your full wallet out.
"Who knows, maybe starting tonight a zombie apocolipse may accure, you never know."
The cashier laughed and finished checking out everything, you paid the cashier and left to go home. You placed an elbow on the car door while driving back to your house.
'But... what if it were true, something doesn't smell right.'
You thought while pulling up to your house and into the garage. You closed the door and walked inside your house.
"Mom, Dad, I'm home!"
You called out while placing your keys on the table while taking your jacket off, you heard shuffling and groaning from upstairs.
"Oops, must have woken them up."
You let your hair down from its tight ponytail, retching up your shirt and unclipped your bra. Letting out a relieved sigh,
:iconcryaotic8008135:Cryaotic8008135 105 5
Bleach x Reader/Shuuhei Hisagi and Kensei Muguruma
-Look what you done! This is your fault!- you shouted at your lieutenant, shoving a finger at his chest
-My fault? You were the one who let the hollow escape- Shuuhei snapped back, both of you having a glaring contest, bumping your foreheads. That was one typical argument, going on the entire day over small things. You are the current third sit in the 9th Division and Shuuhei reaction when he saw you, it was priceless you memorized the moment with delight. You two knew each other from childhood and since then you couldn’t stand each other presence, but at the same time you watched each other backs.
-Shut up already you two- Kensei yelled, hitting you upside the heads. You looked up rubbing your head frowning, Shuuhei mirroring your expression-Both of you are responsible for losing that hollow. Oh God, you are even worse than Mashiro.
-What we are going to do Captain? - One of the regular shinigami hesitantly interrupted. Neither of them wished to be on their captain bad s
:iconvelvetblaid:velvetblaid 49 8
Go With It [Kenpachi Zaraki x Reader]
“I don’t understand your attraction to him, [Name]. Out of everyone in the Seireitei, you chose him.”
You brought your cup of tea to your lips and you really wished it was sake instead. Before you could take a drink, however, your oh-so-brusque friend held up a finger as if to say she wasn't finished. She wasn't, of course. You knew better. You let her speak, and tried to come up with a string of words that could accurately tell her how much you wanted to hit her with a chair.
“No,” she corrected. “Out of every single, possible man known to both the Soul Society and the Human world, you chose Kenpachi fucking Zaraki.”
You sighed into your cup. “You know I value our friendship, yes?”
“Then you know I don’t mean anything bad by about what I’m going to say,” you added. You looked at
And what does she do? She laughs. It wasn't a condescending laugh. Oh, no. It was the kind of laug
:iconsimulatedsnackcake:simulatedsnackcake 114 7
Stark!Reader x Superman (Clark Kent)
Stark!Reader x Superman (Clark Kent)
AN:  I don’t know all that much about Superman or DC so please forgive me if there are any mistakes.
“Lois, I’m not going on a blind date.” You sighed into your phone as Tony, your brother, fed his eight month old son, Jayden.
“Why not (Name)?  It’s been a year since you broke up with Joshua.  You need to get back out there.” Lois calmly replied.
The two of you had met in college and remained friends.  Lois went into journalism and you studied the culinary arts.  Like all Starks, you succeeded in your chosen career and were one of the best chefs, who specialised in Eastern Cuisine, in the world.
“Oh, are we back on that train again?” Tony groaned as put down Jayden’s spoon.  “He was a dick.”
“LANGUAGE!” Lois yelled through the phone and you picked up a pillow before throwing it at Tony.  When it collided, Jayden clapped his hands to
:iconscrougeofares:scrougeofares 366 40
Yes My King
Hisui Nagare stared blankly out across the river, he didn’t understand why ____ insisted that he go outside. It was true in many ways, ____ had become his caretaker ever since the events of Kagutsu Crater. Glancing up at _____’s (S/C) face; he frowned his brows. “Finally decided I’m not worth your time? Planning to push me into the river, you're so cruel _____.” a chuckled fell from the other man’s lips.
“You’d like that wouldn’t you.” smiling at Nagare he let go of the wheelchair. Nagare would lie if you asked him if he panicked when it began to roll down the hill a little. A small jark made his head snap backup, “Sik!” ____ laughed seeing the look in the king’s eyes. Narrowing his eyes, “Tic!” he hissed, small bright green sparks frizzing all around him. “Now now king, remember that’s what keeping you alive~ Best not waste it on a poor soul like me.”
:iconmercythefox:MercyTheFox 5 0
Mature content
The Elephant: Shizuo x Reader [lemon] :icontokukiriku:Tokukiriku 447 105
SUICIDE SQUAD 12'' MOVIE STATUE - HARLEY QUINN by JamesMarsano SUICIDE SQUAD 12'' MOVIE STATUE - HARLEY QUINN :iconjamesmarsano:JamesMarsano 102 17
LoL seven minutes in heaven Draven x reader
.....a bobble head replica of Draven.
"Your kidding right?" You asked looking up at Ahri.
"Not one bit!" Ahri said with a slightly sadistic smile. "DRAVEN! Time to shine!" She called.
Draven's eyes locked onto your form and looked you up and down. You swore tou saw him lick his lips.
"Lucky you." He said approaching.
He pulled you to your feet and threw you over his shoulder.
"H-Hey! Wait a minute! D-Draven what are you!-Ah!" Your cries were cut short as a hand firmly squeezed your butt.
"Hahahahahahah, oh this is going to be fun." He said closing the door behind him.
You were nervous beyond comprehension, you were alone, in a small dark tight space with Draven.
Draven took you off of his shoulder, only to kiss you seconds later.
Your eyes widend, as he pushed you back against the wall.
Your hands pushed against his chest, as you attempted to push him away.
"Aw, babe whats wrong?" He asked.
"Whats wrong? You cant do that to me! A-at least...not that...R-Rough..." you said shyly.
:iconjinxx-is-the-moon:jinxx-is-the-moon 38 11
Hawk (Delsin Rowe x Reader) Part 1
1. "I dunno, I don't usually hang out with Bio-terrorists."
"So, [Name]. When are you going to get a real job?"
You chewed on the end of your pencil, and then up at your best friend, Lindsay. "... What do you mean?"
"Exactly as I said...?" she said, giving you an unusual look. "I mean, you're an amazing drawe-"
"Artist." you corrected, raising an eyebrow.
"Artist. Whatever. But anyway, you make a decent amount of money with your commissions and all, but are you sure it's enough?"
"Well, I mean lately I've been taking my time with them... so..."
"Okay, well," she said, a bit impatiently. "The point I want to go over is that I'm always paying for more than half of the bills... You promised me we'd evenly split it!"
"Really?" you asked, frowning. "I had no idea... I'm really sorry, Lin."
"Sorry's not going to cut it," she said, with that mischievous grin of hers. "Either you get a well-paying job, or I'm moving out."
"So what do you propose I do?"
"Let's go around tow
:iconsabertigre:SaberTigre 108 20



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